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Moorea, Tahiti
Moorea honeymoons
As spectacular as any island that rises from the Pacific, Moorea is a captivating beauty where emerald mountains rise from sandy shores, ivory beaches, and shady lagoons.

Moorea, soaring magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet, is what every honeymooner imagines a South Seas island to be. The wide lagoon surrounds the mountains where poetic threads of waterfalls tumble down fern-softened cliffs. The meadows offer fields of pineapple and vanilla while the shores are dotted with villages and beaches.

Moorea means countless adventures and relaxation at one of the world class resorts hidden under the coconut trees along the shores. Savor the exceptional cuisine at one of the dozens of enchanting restaurants featuring Tahitian, French, and International cuisine.

Honeymooners who have traveled here agree: the beauty of Moorea is unforgettable.

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