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Raiatea and Taha'a, Tahiti
Raiatea and Tahaa honeymoons

Raiatea, first named Havait after the homeland of the ancient Polynesians, is the most sacred island in the south Pacific.


Raiatea, the sacred island, offers the magical atmosphere of an island rich in legends. From the Faaroa Crater (named after the only navigable river in Polynesia), passing before numerous waterfalls to the summit of Mount Temehani where the tare apetahi flower grows (a gardenia unique in the world), various excursions allow you to cross the majestic mountains which divide the island. Raiatea also offers scuba divers the pleasure of exploring her marvelous underwater gardens near the coral reef.

Home of the Polynesian culture, the sacred "Havai" is known to be the first island where the first Maoris disembarked more than 1,000 years ago from huge bamboo canoes. Rebaptised by the daughter of Queen Rai and warrior Atea in memory of her deceased parents, the island me "Raiatea" which means "soft light skies". According to the legend, Raiatea would be the departing point for warriors' souls to Maori's homeland, Hawaiki.

The largest of the Leeward Islands, Raiatea shares the southern part of her lagoon with Taha'a, the vanilla island. As well as famous surf spots such as Faaroa or Miri Miri, one can discover wonderful, white sand beaches and underwater gardens on the motus (islets) close to the coral reef surrounding the island.


Renowned for its quiet bays protected from trade winds, its archeological sites and its lagoon abounding with colorful fish, highly appreciated by sailors, Taha'a hosts several pearl farms.

"The Vanilla Island", nicknamed so because of the precious orchids that prosper on numerous plantations, remains virtually saturated with the strong aroma of the beans which perfumes the coastlines and the little hibiscus-bordered villages nestled in the hills. The inhabitants still live a peaceful and traditional life; fishing, farming and selling their produce in either Uturoa's or Papeete's market.

Taha'a offering you peace and a chance to discover the traditional way of life of the island's inhabitants.

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