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The Island of Tahiti
Tahiti honeymoons

Tahiti, often called the "Queen of the Pacific," is appropriately crowned by a circle of majestic peaks.

Two volcanoes emerging from an emerald sea gave birth to the myth of paradise known today Tahiti. Steep cloud-draped mountains, deep verdant valleys, luxuriant ferns, swift, invigorating rivers and black sand beaches await you on this "island of love" of nearly untouched relief.

More than just an international point of arrival for the other fabulous nearby islands, Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, offers visitors numerous treasures: the colorful market, art and history museums, botanical and flower gardens, animated nightlife and cultural exhibitions such as the traditional "Heiva" which provides a lively change of scenery full of folklore, dancing, singing, colors and fragrances.

Inland the scenery gradually turns to foothills tufted with swaying coconut palms, waterfalls cascading through emerald green valleys to cool mountain streams, and waves of pink bougainvillea. Pure as the day it was created, this tropical paradise is jealously guarded by the monumental cloud-capped Mount Orohena, dwelling place of the ancient gods.

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